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 Abadan Refinery Upgrading Project–Phase 1
 Rudshur Combined Cycle Power Plant
 Upstream fluidisation Gas Cooler
 Naar gas field Air cooled Heat Exchangers

Abadan Refinery Upgrading Project–Phase 1

53 sets shell & tube heat exchangers consist of different size & type from 1.8 to 75 tons/item (total weight is about 1500 tons) are providing by KMC including all engineering, procurement, fabrication & test works. KMC facilities are equipped for handling of very small, medium & large scale equipment with individual shop at a same time.


KMC shell & tube heat exchangers are using as intercooler & after cooler for air compressor packages supplied by SIEMENS company. All tube (water) side material of the exchangers are made in admiralty & naval brass material due to high corrosive & chlorine cooling water service.

Rudshur Combined Cycle Power Plant

12 sets auxiliary air cooled heat exchangers consist of embedded finned tube bundle and complete fan & motor assembly are providing to MAPNA MD-1 as EPC contractor of Rudshur power plant development project. The exchangers are fully compatible to existing cooling systems.

Upstream fluidisation Gas Cooler

Fluidisation is a technology in which a bed of solid particles is transformed into a fluid-like state through suspension in a fluid, usually a gas. The solid particles rest on a porous air distributor plate inside a containment vessel. The distributor plate allows the gas to pass into the bed from a plenum chamber below. It may be made from a sintered porous material but more usually a solid plate with a number of small holes or air nozzles is used.

Naar gas field Air cooled Heat Exchangers

Naar gas field includes 22 sour gas wells which once collected to send Vafajr refinery. According to the gas pressure drop, gas entered to pressure booster station field and after reaching push it to around 89 Bar send to refinery. Gas compressor station in an area of 30000 m2 and the height above sea level of the 1039 m is constructed.


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